The Gold Coast Junior Rugby League (GCJRL) compile and issue the draw for each round of games. Coaches will be advised of this information as soon as it is available from GCJRL and it will be uploaded to the website. On game day, teams U6 to U10 should arrive half an hour before game time; teams U11 to U17 need to arrive one hour before game time.

Game durations are:

U6 to U10 play 4 x 10 mins with 2 min breaks

U11 play 2 x 20 mins with 5 min break

U12 to U14 play 2 x 25 mins with 5 min break

U15 to U17 play 2 x 30 mins with 5 min break

The U6 competition season runs for ten weeks for insurance reasons, followed by a couple of carnivals.