Any member, who wishes to make a complaint, should adhere to the following procedures:

1. Approach the Team Manager (in private) to arrange a time to speak to the Coach about any concerns. If during training or a game, this action should be taken at the conclusion of the event.

2. The Team Manager will let you know an appropriate time, and all discussions should be held in private, out of earshot of players and other parents.

3.If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your discussions, please approach the Coaching Director . Dependent on your complaint the Coaching Director may request it be escalated to the Management Committee.  

4. If your complaint is not related to on field issues, please approach the Club President or Secretary. Dependent on your complaint the Management Committee may request it be submitted in writing. The Management Committee will discuss complaints with all parties before taking any action deemed necessary and/or appropriate. Discipline will be at the discretion of the Executive.

5. Should you still not be satisfied, written complaints should then be forwarded to Gold Coast District JRL who will seek the advice of the Club Executive before acting.


Please remember, we are all approachable so don’t let things get under your skin, talk to your team Manager or Coach and try to get things sorted as quickly as possible.

Please be advised that any person attempting to circumvent the above process, by going directly to the District body, will be diverted back to their respective Club by the District body to follow the appropriate procedures.