There are many Life Members who have volunteered many hours of time to help build the Club and whose efforts are greatly appreciated by the current members of the Club. They are:

Life Members


1983 Lionel Kellett*
1984 Allan Holindale
1985 Warren Aub
1986 Phil Larter
1990 Maxine O’Shea
Lionel McDonald
1993 Shirley Lawlor
1994 Mark Cranshaw
1995 Geoff Doo
1999 Sharee Doo
Lance Royston
2001 Ian Rowlatt
Debbie Rowlatt
2003 Jim Bidner
Ronan Byrne
2004 Karen Thomas
Trudy Moore
2007 Justin Paulsen
Russell Hallard
2008 Yvonne Bassett
2009 Ross Anderson
Paul Rolfe
2011 Shelley Fernandes
2015 Lynnette Frazer
2017 Darren Hoare
* Denotes Deceased






1998Jay Doo
1999John Callahan
2001Wes Doo
2004Shaun Elderidge
2006Tait Rolfe
Brett Thomas
2007Ben Anderson
Mark Thomas
2008Dane Bidner
Michael Gray
Ryan Miller
Jamie Anderson
Jarred Bassett
Ryan Lamont
2009Liam Byrne
Taylor Rolfe
2011Andrew Anderson
Jayden Young
2012Blake Luther-Paulsen
Chris Moore
Sam Fernandes
2016James Bricknell


Players to achieve this award are above.

Junior Life Members are acknowledged for their loyalty to the club. Junior Life Membership is awarded to players who complete 200 games (12 seasons) or who have played from Under 6’s to Under 17’s (12 seasons continuous). Junior Life Membership is solely an award in recognition of playing service to the Club and does not carry the same financial or voting privileges as a Life Member.

The Club Record for the most amount of games is currently held by Wes Doo at 350 games