Currently, the 2021 season is set to commence in March with the first grading games taking place on Saturday March 20.  There will be three rounds of grading, with a break in between round 2 and 3 for the school holidays. 

The season is currently set to commence on Saturday May 1 and conclude in mid September.

There are 8 gala days on the 2021 calendar, ranging from U6-U12, hosted by various clubs across the coast.

The 2021 hosting schedule is subject to change, but as of February 3, Parkwood will be hosting home games* on the following dates:

Grading Round 2- March 27

Round 1- May 1
U6 Gala- May 8
Round 3- May 15
Round 5 – May 29 
Round 6- June 5
Round 8 (Women in League)- June 19
Round 10 – July 17
Round 12- July 31
Round 14- August 14

*Please note this does not necessarily mean all teams will be at home that day

All teams must be signed on prior to the commencement of games by team managers with any changes made to players and/or jersey numbers. 

International teams- U13’s and above (both home and visiting teams) must have their names and jersey numbers checked by a Parkwood Sharks club official prior to taking the field. 



The grounds are owned by Gold Coast City Council and they operate a website to advise of any ground closures at
Parkwood Sharks grounds are listed under Musgrave Sports Park.

The council update the above website daily at 8.30am and 2pm.

In the event of field closures, or game cancellations, coaches will be advised to then notify their team, in addition to the information being posted on the Parkwood Sharks Facebook page.